How do you get the current frame of an iTweenPath in motion?

Hello, I’m implementing a game using iTween to create a flight system on rails. I want the player to be able to create a “bullet-time” kind of mechanic into that path so that the player can slow motion at any moment while still moving on that path, and once the slow motion meter runs out, to speed up again to the original speed, but to continue always inside the path. I know that I can stop the iTween.MoveTo with iTween.Stop() and I should restart it with the new Hash settings, but what I don’t know is how do you get the current frame of the iTweenPath in order to restart the iTween in that same frame. Can anybody gimme a hand? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Alex

Hey Alejandro,

I am having the exact same problem. I want to stop all iTween.MoveTo with iTween.Stop which works like you said but I cant figure out the next bit which is how to restart the itween from the stop point with a new speed.

Did you ever end up solving this ?

It seems to be a common problem with lots of people asking but no one real solution.