How do you get the Standard Shader to work on iOs 9?,

When I run my game on an iOs Device the Shaders don’t look like the PBS Standard Shader anymore but like a Legacy Bumped Diffuse Shader. (Unity 5 → Xcode)
Is there any way to solve this ?

Thank you very much for your time and effort!,

On iOS for some reason the normal map in the standard shader will always be displayed at the strenght of 1.
Because of that you can’t just set a normal strenght value, but must edit the normal map itself.
I hope this helps somebody else who encounters this problem.

Just one curiosity that may save someone a lot of headache …

I happened to have “Disable Depth and Stencil” turned OFF

(ie, checkbox UN-checked)

If you do this, it gives very strange results in the iOS8 versus iOS9 situation.

Everything will work perfectly with iOS9, but, almost all shaders are plain invisible (you see nothing) with iOS8.

Just one of those frustrating things to waste four hours on.

Depressingly if you google along the lines “Unity5, iOS8 versus iOS9 shaders” there are indeed many other issues - such as the outstanding info from Jam above.

Hope this helps someone googling!