How do you have the editor compile script in background.

So my question is how do you have the editor compile while in the background(not focused). Right now I have a large project that takes a few seconds to compile, so when I save a script unity will only start compiling when I click into the editor again. Usually there is a second of it looking for changes, then it freezes to compile for 2-3 seconds. I have a good computer so there would be no impact on me if unity keeps checking for this while I am in visual studios.

There isn’t really much you can do I believe. One option with a large project is if you have a section of code or namespace that will never change, compile it into a dll. Other than that, I don’t believe there is a way to get Unity to compile in the background.

I’m not exactly sure of the answer to your question, but if your script is that large, consider breaking it up.

Make a master class that contains most of the methods you would use, then make a smaller script that inherits from that master class so you can use the methods. But that script only does one or two things. That way you only have to compile the smaller script, the master class being inherited from is already ready.

My general understanding of unity is if your script is that big, then you are probably doing things in it that would be better done with the various assets. You can script animation for instance, but there is also an animator. You can script all your camera movements, but there is also an asset that does great camera control, through the editor ( Cinemachine and it’s free). Setting up a UI? Look into doozy or another UI asset.

Yes, scripts can do it all. Learning to use the tools already provided / available however will get you to a much better place as a unity developer.