how do you implement movement in the real world to move in a vr game?

I recently downloaded a game from unity called maze walk which uses real movement to walk inside the game. i wanted to add this into my game that i am currently making but I can’t seem to find out how to do it. please help

By looking at a video of Maze Walk, it seems that it moves you forward by head wobbles.
You can implement this by checking changes in the camera’s Y position or X rotation.

you can do this by using VRTK_Moveinplace script , you need to know how to use vrtk first . after creating your vrtk , leftcontrollerscript and rightcontroller script , you need to ad empty object to that and called it playarea , justt drag the vrtk_movinplace or whatever locomotiuon you want from there and enjoy ,

you can use this asset, its compatible with all android phones, no need gyroscope, VR to all devices :
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making