How do you import blender UV maps into unity?

i put a post earlier ago and got a response that i have to UV map my materials in blender 3D 2.49b.So how do i do it and then import it to unity?

Generally you do the following to get a model into Unity from Blender:

  1. Create the mesh in Blender. Add materials for the various vertex groups (you can assign these in the Editing Panel (F9) when in editing mode, else your object will just use 1 material.
  2. UV Map your object, this is a subject that is likely beyond the scope of a response here. Try to ensure that your UV faces accurately represent the actual face shape on your mesh however, otherwise you will get texture warping. Export the UV faces using the Scripts menu, to get an image of your UV layout.
  3. Take this image into Gimp or your favourite image app, and texture away, making sure that your images are usually 6+ pixels larger than the uv seams, this is to account for mipmap levels that may end up bleeding color into your texture when displayed on the model and viewed from a distance.
  4. Go to Unity, grab your mesh, place it in the scene, select it's material, add your texture to it, add the material to the mesh renderer and check it out to make sure it's all good.

Repeat 1->3 as necessary to fix mistakes and polish things to look better. I also suggest, as it seems you are new to modelling and texturing, to start small, like try make a barrel and texture that, as it's harder than it sounds for someone new to the subject.

UV mapping is discussed here and on the following pages for Blender.

Assuming you export your model as either a .blend or FBX, Unity will automatically find your UVs. Some other file formats may also work, but there isn't much reason to use other formats if you are exporting something straight from Blender into Unity.

Hello, Im having kind of the same issue, I have a model with 2 UV Maps, 1 for the head and 1 for the body, and 2 materials, 1 for the head and 1 for the body, when I apply the texture to the uv maps, the body is ok, but the face is all warped and wrong, if I export with Swap UV option, the face is ok, but the body this time is all wrong…

Any help with this?