How do you import Blender water into unity 3D

I have tried but it doesn’t work it’s just frozen there’s no animation.
Please help! thank you

Water is not a skeletal animation, thats why you cant import it. In Blender you can keyframe the animation but that still wont work because it is a mesh modification.

The easiest solution would be to convert the animation in a shapekey and then use MegaFiers or some other mesh morphing system to import the shapekey into Unity.

There is a couple of reasons why you should NOT do this though. Mainly nice water will need a huge amount of verticies which will slow down you game massively, so will a complex mesh modification system. I suggest using Unity water and make a moving water texture (and normals if you want) to fake the look of flowing active water.


EDIT: Just a another little suggestion, make the water in Blender and then give it a material and bake the normals and textures onto a flat (Project from view) UV texture that you can use in Unity. This is the best you will get at the moment.

Or you can export a mesh for each frame (or each 2 frame, etc.), then animate in unity by enabling/disabling one mesh after the other with a script. With enought frame rate (enought meshes) the effect is pretty smooth, especially if it’s a short and/or fast animation like a blood splash. About the performances, I don’t know because I only tested it with a short and low quality animation for now.

Also, you have the asset Mega Cache that is much cheaper than mega fiers and would do a good job.

I was in the same spot, if you were using blender’s fabulous water simulator. I was able to accomplish export with this method:

Note: They only started supporting alembic files in both unity and blender in the recent months. Blender needs to be 2.81 and unity needs to be 2019.3.0a6 or higher and also have the alembic package installed in unity. Mine didn’t work until I restarted my computer also.

Second note: Even after accomplishing this, the amount of data the water animation took once it was in the game was humongous. I’m going back to the drawing board for a water fountain. Good luck!
,They’ve just recently added alembic support to blender (2.81) and unity (not sure what update, but it was fall 2019) you have to have the alembic package installed in unity, this tutorial explains it well: