How do you import self-made animations for Mecanim characters?

Is there a trick to it?
I made a running animation in blender, exported fbx, imported as new asset in unity, but when viewing the animation in the preview window the model doesn’t move. I used the same bones as I used to make my model which I have used with the mocap animations. I can assign the animation in the animation controller, the animation has the correct length but there is no motion. also when editing the animation in unity all four lights for looping are missing so I dunno… help!?!

This is an issue of rig scaling. If the rig is bigger than the mesh it starts looking like a spindly giant. If your character turns in to a neat looking spacecraft or a tortoise the issue is that the bones have mysteriously un-set in the avatar. Enter the avatar creator and Force T-Pose, then save.