How do you keep a shot moving in the same direction/velocity after it has hit a target while allowing targets to bounce off of obstacles?

I have a shot that gets fired from a turret which needs to be able to hit multiple targets (once it hits one target the target disappears and the shot should continue in the same direction with the same velocity and can continue on and hit others).
My issue is that the targets I currently have are triggers which can run into obstacles, but since they are triggers they simply pass through these obstacles. If I remove the trigger then they correctly run into and bounce off of obstacles but then the shot bounces off of them after hitting them rather than continuing through.
So my question is how do I allow shots to hit targets and continue through them after hit while allowing targets to hit and bounce off of obstacles?

Check out Physics.RaycastAll

You can specify the distance of the Raycast and it basically sends out an imaginary line from a start point to a specified direction returning all of the objects it encounters. This way you can leave isTrigger toggled off and still detect all objects within the firing direction.

what you could try is using the following trick. save the current velocity during each FixedUpdate step in the shot. OnCollisionEnter, handle your logic, use Phusics.IgnoreCollision to explicitly ignore any further collision with bullet and target and reapply the saved velocity. this way the bullet keeps moving while the target should bounce off.

Thanks for the answers you guys, that definitely helped me go in the right direction. I ended up using Physics2D.OverlapCircleAll with the origin point being the center of my shot which returns a list of 2D Colliders that the circle encounters. Then I check the tag of each game object in that list to see if it’s an actual target as opposed to an obstacle.