How do you make a adjustable camera for a 3rd person camera

how can you make the camera so you can click and adjust the camera view I dont know java or c# so if you do know copy and past the script here so I can copy it and put it into unity

We do not ask for scripts here. If we give you a full script and you dont know scripting then you will learn nothing. Please start by watching some tutorials TornadoTwins will learn you the basics of javaScript scripting.

If you want to learn C# (A little harder language to learn, but worth the pain have I heard) Then BurgZergArcade is for you. There are 200+ tutorials and they are mabye not for newcommers, but give it a shot.

But back to your question.

If I understand it right you want the cameras fieldOfView changed when a button is pressed?

You proberly need to use one of these:






or GetKeyUp

and Camera.fieldOfView

This may seem overvelming but if you read the discription in each link you will proberly understand what everything dose.

I also agree that people should not just ask for scripts here.

You could refer to below link, that's the script you want: