How do you make a character jump up exactly 5 units on the y axis without hopping around like a bunny?

I’m working on a upcoming game, and I’m trying to make the player jump up exactly 5 units on the y axis, and at the same time, not hop around forever like a bunny. How to do it? What I mean by hop around like a bunny is to jump without the player’s input, and to keep on jumping. @TheTrueDuck
Here’s some code that I want you to send me that’s the style of the code:

    var movement = Input.GetAxis("Jump");
    transform.position += new Vector3(0, movement, 0) * Time.deltaTime * movementspeed * jumpmulti;


First you need to detect when the player press the key.

Learn about Input.GetKey (get key, get key down or get key up)

then, for example, during all frames player is pressing the key, make a bool variable “isJumping”=true

and in update, if isJumping=true call a IEnumerator Coroutine for jump.

in the coroutine, each frame move it toward y=5 then go down to 0 again.