How do you make a fade in/out effect affect every sprite on a title screen?

I’m making a upcoming game, and I’m working on it’s title screen. I have a issue: the fade in/out effect won’t affect the Controls and Credits buttons, even though it affects every other sprite on the screen. To be more specific, the Controls and Credits buttons always look like the fade in and out effects never happen, when it’s not true for other sprites on the screen. What’s wrong? @TheTrueDuck

@ExplodingCreeperMakesGames You have some options:

If you are using the standard images with canvases, you can try rearranging the children of the canvas around until you get the desired effect (images will render based on their order in the hierarchy, the ones at the top are rendered first and then the ones after are rendered on top of the previous ones), so in your hierarchy the darkening image should be at the very bottom.

You can also try giving each section of your UI a separate canvas, and then you can change the sorting layer and the order in that layer on each of your canvas components. In this scenario, you could have an extra canvas with only your darkening image, and have it render on top of everything by changing the aforementioned layer settings.

If you are using sprite renderers with your canvases, (which is usually not a great idea,) you should be able to just change the sorting layer and order on the sprite renderer itself. (Z-positions may also work.)

Hope this helps!