How do you make a game object into a controllable player?

I want a game object (e.g. a Cube) to be a controllable player where when you press left or right it turns on the Y axis and forward and backward are obvious. Is there any special script i need or is this something relatively simple to do within unity?

Please Help!

  • Make a plane for your surface
  • Create your object and position it above the plane
  • Select your object in the hierarchy
  • From the Component menu select Physics/Character Controller to add a character controller to your object.
  • From the reference, get the scrip from either of these to links: 1 or SimpleMove and attach them to your object.

Note there are lots of tutorials and other learning resources on the net. You might ramp-up faster if you work through some of these tutorials. Here is one site:

@robertbu thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.