how do you make a material in blender?

I know this is “only for questions about unity” but i can not figure this out. i made something in blender and i didn’t know how to make a material for it, so i painted it. when i imported it to unity, the paint wasn’t on it. I searched and searched the web but couldn’t find anything. So i thought you guys could help. how do you make a material in blender that can be imported to unity?

Blender to Unity is okay question for me. So I will try to answer my best as we use Blender as modelling tool for our current project too.

What you do is:

In Blender you make a materiale of some sort, build a texture for it (which you can paint in Photoshop or whatever bitmap tool you like). Then you export the Blender file to .FBX format.

Now you switch to your OS and copy/paste both the texture file (PSD/PNG/JPG/TIFF/BMP) and the fbx file into your Ressource (or call it Assets) folder in your Unity project. Then switch to Unity and it imports automatically. If the material and textures arent already imported in Unity, it will create grey or purple materials on your objects.

Now you open the materials in Unity, select the shader you want and then point the surface to the new texture.

Once this is done, your FBX can be updated from Blender and Unity will keep the materiale. Same goes for texture changes. As long as you keep the filenames intact, you can go back and forth and experiment until you are satisfied.

Unity prefers you to import the texture separately. Then, also in Unity, create the material, and add the texture, then apply it to the model.

Most people “unwrap” the model themselves (create a flattened out version) and draw on that in photoshop. So, the model and the texture on it really are separate things. The newer “paint the model directly” tools do some of this for you automatically (I haven’t used the new blender yet.) I’d guess that if you select the UV/Image window, you should see the unwrap it made.

What you painted still has to be stored by Blender in a jpeg (for example) in order to be used by the graphics card. Blender has to be saving that somewhere. If you can find that, you should be able to drag it over to Unity (it should look like what you painted, but all splayed out.)