How do you make a slippery material?

Hi i am struggling on how to make a slippery material Because in games you need something thats slippery…

The editor i am using is 2021.3.3f1

I only have experience with 2D, so my response is specific to 2D. You can create a new physics material by right clicking and selecting Create → 2D → Physics Material 2D. When you select the material, you can control the bounciness and friction of the material.
To use the material, you assign it to the Material parameter of the Rigidbody 2D component of your object.
(Actually, after checking the documentation, it seems like you could also assign the material to the Object collider rather than the RigidBody. I have not personally tried this, but it may be more convenient for Objects that don’t need a Rigidbody.)