How do you make a tile system for a farming game like Farville or Top Farm

I want to make a farming game like top farm or Farmville, now don’t get me wrong, I understand this is no easy task, but the problem is there is no tutorials out there to help me with this, but I would like also be able to have 3d buildings, I am fairly good with blender so I don’t need help with that, can someone please help me, I seriously need help.

Sometimes ideas we have are well out of our skill level. You don’t want to spend hours on a project you may never finish because it was to big a task to begin with.

If you really want to build this kind of game, id strongly suggest researching as much as you can and not just “how to build a farmville game” before you even think of writing a line of code. Following a tutorial will only get you so far.

If you are hell bent on making this game, you may need to purchase a pre made kit like this one…

…then you can get off to a running start.

That’s my 2 pence. Sorry I couldn’t help much but this is well out of the scope of unity answers.

Go 3d not tilling!

Are you looking for something like this?