How do you make an object/material always render in front of hands? *Polyspatial/Mixed reality

Hello, The question is above. I am building a wrist menu button, and it works great except my hands always render above the button. The button is a 3d object with a basic shader I made. I’ve looked everywhere and cant seem to find the solution.

I am on Polyspatial 1.0.3 because XR hands doesn’t seem to work with the newest Polyspatial.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: when I mean hands, I mean the built in vision pro occlusion. I am not using an actual model of VR hands.

I’m having the same issue,I’ve seen before that Polyspatial doesn’t support custom hand models,As a result, I can’t handle my hand images perfectly in any way I use now。It would be hoped that there would be some way of dealing with that。

You can use XR Hands 1.4, thats how I make my gestures etc. a lot easier. But the hands still want to go transparent lol.

I just saw a video from a game called DapTap and they appear to be able to render robot hands on top of your own hands… I wonder how they did that.