How do you make an UI animation longer than one second?

I’m instantiating a UI element onto my Canvas and I want its animation to play for two seconds. However, right now it’s playing for only one second because I can’t find out for the life of me how to make this thing play longer in the Animation window or through script. How do I simply make it play over two seconds?

Hello, using the wheel from the mouse you can zoom out and see longer times in the animation window

I found out last night how to do it. I removed the animation component from my UI Element and replaced it with an Animator component and attached a new Animator Controller. I opened up the Animator Controller to get into the Animator window, and there I dropped in my previous animation onto the grid and it was automatically linked with the “Entry” node. I then selected the animation I dropped in and in the Inspector changed the sp

eed to 0.5 to make my 1-second clip into 2-seconds.

Hope that helps anyone else that runs into this problem.

i found out how to extend animation beyond 1 second,

  • first zoom out timeline using mouse
    scroll wheel to see more seconds,
  • then you need to add key frame after
    one second, this action will extend
    animation timing