How do you open the Player Log?

The documentation shows that there should be a button on the top of the console window to pull up the player log, however I do not have this feature on my setup. I have Unity version 4.5.4 and Windows 8. Is this a problem with Windows 8 or is there another way to pull up the player log?

You can access the EditorLog by clicking on the 3 lines in the top right of the console window, but you cant open the PlayerLog from the editor.

Go to “EXECNAME_Data_\output_log.txt” to open the PlayerLog.
(EXECNAME_Data is a folder next to the executable with your game.)

If you’re looking for the unity editor log, it’s located in the following folder :


If it’s for a standalone build, the others answers are right. However we noticed that some of our users needs to launch the built exe with administrator rights to get the log file.

Hope it helps !