How do you say is greater than or equal to?

Title says it all^

if (x >= y){ 
    // do your code here ;

// Ignore everything else... the answer to your question is the following: If you're asking the question the way you did, you need the answer isolated. So here it is:::::


// that's it, and that's all. // feel free to find a place where all of the different operators are listed for Unity, and post it here. I'd love to see them all laid out somewhere.


var val1 : int = 5;
var val2 : int = 4;

if(val1 >= val2)
 print((val1 * val2) * val2);
 //if val1 is greater than or equal to val 2
 //that print statement was just a randonm thing. you don't need that!