How do you scale terrain?

I am a unity rookie. I am developing an “Escape the Base” type of game and I want to know how to “Scale” terrain.

There is a drop down menu in the left most corner of the Terrain Tab(just below the transform tab) >click on the gear symbol,scroll down and you can find Terrain Width/Length input tab(change the values there)

The previous replies just tell how to resize the terrain (width, length) and does not answer the question of how to scale.

The need is to change the scale of the terrain (which mean the terrain and all the objects on it). For example how can I do if the trees and details are too big or too small and that I want to scale all the terrain with those trees ?

@getyour411 do you have an idea about how to do that ?


I think you are asking about changing its size (width, length).