How do you set up a large project?

I am still learning the basics of everything, but i am trying to understand how to build a large project for the future. I wish to know what is the right way to handle and organize a project for a complete game (more than one level and scene) from the moment that a person (professional game designer) told me that if u want to make stuff moves in unity u do not use a script attached to the object but something that i can’t even recollect what it was (something like navs? nurbs? I don’t remember).

I give you some advice’s (these might not be the best but they are better than nothing :slight_smile: )

These might not be the advice’s you want, but here are some basics, that i’ve learned :slight_smile:

  1. You should keep your code clean and understandable for everyone

  2. You should make folders for sound FX, sprites etc

  3. Dont put everything in a single script. Make scripts, that do only one thing and make them all so, that they can communicate

  4. Avoid using the Update() method to often. It slows down your game

  5. If your code works from the first time, don’t let it stay like it is. Make the code better until its perfect!

Now some tips for organizing a project

  1. Use a To-Do-List for Ideas

  2. Visualize your concept and idea’s

  3. Keep everything clean

There are more tips and stuff, but I hope I could help you :slight_smile: