How do you set up a windows store package?

So I’ve got a game I want to send up to windows 8 store. I have an email account and developer account now set up. the game was exported in unity to a folder. I am at the point to send that to windows store. How do I do it?

Now before you send me to a link that I’ve probably read 100 times, let me say that I installed visrtual studio 2013 and express 2013. Express does show the store. The thing is I have no idea how to use virtual studio. So my real question is 'how to send the files to Microsoft? There are a bunch of files unity made for windows 8, so I am assuming you have to zip them up or something. How to do that?

I am thinking maybe open the project in vs and then export? Is that the SLN file?

I figured it out