How do you set which version of Unity gets opened when downloading from the Asset Store?

Recently, I installed Unity version 3.0.0 so that I could play, and hopefully learn something from, the Boot Camp demo that it came with. Then, however, whenever I would try to download something from the Asset Store, version 3.0.0 would get opened instead of the latest version, and the asset wouldn’t get downloaded, probably because it’s incompatible. So, I uninstalled 3.0.0, but, now, whenever I try to download something, instead of “Open In Unity” it says, “Open URL:com.Unity3d.kharma,” and nothing happens when I click on that. Is there a way to change what gets opened when trying to download something from the Asset Store?

Well… Re-installing Unity solved the problem. I was hoping there was a faster way, though. Oh well.