How do you switch from scene to scene with a click of a button?

I am completely new to Unity and my professor is having us do a basic project for our final, however it’s not very basic to me. I am pretty much re-creating Microsoft’s Paint. I have a start scene page (page1) that only has one button, “start”. I want the user to click on that button and it switches to the main scene page (page2). The main scene page has a bunch of buttons such as line, color, redo, undo, new, and save. I want the user to click on one of those buttons (for example: “new”) and the scene changes to the new scene page. Same with all those other buttons, taking them to page3, page4, page5, etc.

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public void LoadScene()
		SceneManager.LoadScene (1);

then simply drag the script inside the onclick of the button, and choose the LoadScene fucntion from there. but I would suggest instead of making multiple scenes, just make multiple Canvas which you can turn on or off.