How do you test IAP on Google Play? (noob in trouble)

Holy shizzles!

So i’ve read i need to publish the app for beta testing to test IAP live, so i’ve done what Google Play says that i should do:

Step 2: Add an APK to your test
Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console.
Select an app.
On the left menu, click APK > Beta Testing or Alpha Testing.
Click Upload.
Select your APK file.
Click Publish.

But as soon as i hit that Publish button, my application went live! Now people can download and use my app with broken IAP and debug-mode Unity Ads!!! Wow i thought by setting up beta testing email accounts, only those email accounts will be able to test/see the app! Was I in for a treat! Everyone can see it, everyone can download it!

So how does it work? How can i closed beta test with only 1 email seeing the app on Play Store? How can i test IAP live (not with Microsoft IAP simulator that always fails/succeeds - whatever i set it to do manually), not just offline testing with bunch of temp data?


Here’s a tutorial on youtube

Hope it helps

Unity IAP


It was due to my mistake that my app went live, i by mistake worked in the first tab - Production
And in the Beta testing tab also
My APK went into production, so yeah, my bad.