How do you to reverse reverb zones?

I haven’t seen anyone answer this, but I’m trying to make a gun shot in the distance sound far away and echoey. From what I know, reverb zones only applies maximum reverb within min distance, not the other way around.

How do you reverse the reverb zone so that there’s no reverb within min distance, but maximum reverb applied beyond max distance?

well you could use the Audio Reverb Filter and calc. the distance from the Gunshot. Based on the Distance, you increase the Room Property.(Like Dry/Wet property of AudioEngenering Tools) .

I imagine something like this:

using UnityEngine;
public class AudioDistanceReverb : MonoBehaviour {

	public AudioListener target;
	public float MaxDistance;
	AudioReverbFilter ARF;
	void Start () {
		target = GameObject.FindObjectOfType<AudioListener>();
		ARF = GetComponent<AudioReverbFilter>();
	void Update () {
		float dist = Vector3.Distance(target.transform.position,transform.position);
				if(MaxDistance < dist){ = 0;
		if(MaxDistance > dist) = Mathf.Lerp(-10000,0, (dist / MaxDistance));