how do you turn off "always on top" for the scene/game window?

I use a dual monitor setup, but sometimes I want to not see the scene and game windows on top of the tutorial I’m watching in youtube on the other screen. Is there any way to turn that off?

edit: just occurred to me that it may exist in future versions of unity. I’m in unity 2018 at the moment

As far as I know. you can’t. Those are not separate windows, they are part of Unity application which is a single “window” for the purposes of Windows. As long as your Unity will be focused, then those windows will be on top of other stuff.

What you can do however is force your browser to be always on top! As Unity is not AoT, it’s just a regular window, then forcing something else to be AoT will (should) display it over Unity. Now, I don’t know if there is a native way to do this in a browser, but I know there is a cool, little program that can force any window to be AoT. I don’t use any of those programs right now, but if you google “always on top” you will get plenty of results, and experiment away