How do you turn off cardboard vr head tracking?


I am using the Google Cardboard VR plugin for unity. I want to be able to toggle the head tracking on or off. So normally the gyroscope of the phone lets the camera turn around it’s access. I want to hit a button that will disable all movement of the camera so the cardboard plugin no longer affects the camera’s rotation.

Is this possible? If so, how do I do this? I have looked everywhere online and through the scripts, but I can’t find anything that would make this possible.


Are you using the “GvrMain” prefab as camera in your scene? If so, theres a script in the “Head” attached object called “GvrHead”. I believe that’s what control the camera tracking the head movements so, maybe disabling that script after a button input can handle your necessity.

Idk if that’s what you were looking for as an answer, i hope so.

Let me know if you did it anyway, good luck :slight_smile: