How do you turn off terrain blending?

This question has bothered me for about a month now, well into development of my game, but one thing is really pissing me off. I can’t seem to disable terrain blending between textures, that makes stone textures look really ugly when i could create a border around them. This happens at ALL possible configurable settings for the brushes.Is there an alternative to making a plane for the texture?

The area that bothers me is between the red lines. Looks so flippin ugly.

Also, i am trying to make some of my terrain textures bumped specular, but when i do others become shiny, is there a way to prevent this?

If you drop your Terrain brush down to a single square (a “terrain map pixel”) that gives you the size of the smallest blend. If each of your red lines is the center of 2 touching blue squares, then you need to reduce the square size. If it is several squares, use a sharper brush.

To change brush pixel size: Terrain->Resolution->ControlTextureRes. Doubling it cuts the pixels in half (and file size by x4.)

The other common trick (you see it in slightly older MMOs) is to use grass and other stuff to sort of hide the bad areas.

For the spec map, just a guess, give every other texture a “do nothing” bump map with pure black for the alpha (Unity likes to use alpha for the spec map.)