How do you use MultiDim with JS?

How do you use the C# class MultiDim to create multidimentional arrays?

I keep getting

BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'MultiDim'.

and I'm not certain why.

as the developer said just create a C# script and copy the C# code of that wiki page to it. then you can use it in your scripts. if still you have errors copy the c# script to standard assets folder to prevent compiling order problems. the methods of the class are static so you don't need to create an instance of MultiDim.

var intarray = MultiDim.intArray(100,200,300);

it will create a 100X200X300 (3d) and puts the reference in intarray.

Can you make these arrays static as well? I use the same 'MultiDim' class.

` static var gamersArr = MultiDim.StringArray(100,100); gamersArr[0,0] = "TestTekst"; `

If i try to retrieve the value, it stays empty. If i use it specificly in a script without static, it works just fine.

Im pretty new to unity so i must be doing something wrong....