How do you use RemoveAt or Add with an array of GameObjects?

I get an error ('RemoveAt' is not a member of (UnityEngine.GameObject) if I do this:

var nodes: GameObject[];

var tagName: String; // tag to find objects'

function Start() 


    nodes = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(tagName);



What is the syntax to add or remove a GameObject from a array of GameObjects?

This is in Javascript.

You're getting this error because there are more than one kind of array which you can use in Unity, and they each have different functions and features.

There are built-in arrays, which are fixed-size, and don't have functions which would change their length (like Add, Remove). Built-in arrays are declared using square brackets.

There is also Unity's Javascript Array class, which does have these features - however none of Unity's functions which return collections of objects return Javascript Array objects, they all return built-in arrays!

(there are also many other array-like types available to use, but that's a different topic!)

So if you need to add or remove objects from your collection, generally you would retrieve the built-in array from your unity function, and convert it to a Javascript Array immediately after, like this:

var nodes : Array;
var tagName: String; // tag to find objects

function Start() 
    // get fixed array of node objects, store in a temp var:
    var nodesFixedArray = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(tagName);

    // convert to dynamic array
    nodes = new Array(nodesFixedArray);

    // now we can add/remove!

That's not possible, but you can convert built-in arrays to dynamic arrays like this:

nodesArray = new Array(nodes);

and back to static arrays like this:

nodes = nodesArray.ToBuiltin(GameObject);