How do you write scripts???

Hi everyone, sorry yo bother you but i've only just started making games with unity. I was wondering how you actually lay out a script. For me, when i look at gamer scripts i see tons of complex codes. Is there a way to learn these.


P.S. How do I move my camera in game mode?

If you you are not ready to spend money on your "Lessons" as of yet this guy is awesome. He explains a little of everything about Unity but 95% of it is scripting, and is free to!


3D Buzz is a good place to start:


If you want to learn complex coding, I recomend you picking up this book:

Unity Game Development Essentials

This will introduce you pretty well, also look up for the unity scripting book.

This code is a simple operation, aply it to your camera:

    function Update() {
transform.Rotate(0, 5, 0);

Good luck with coding Benjy

There are lots of good ways to start such as tornado twins burgzerg arcade. But it depends on what language you want to go into. Java script is slightly simpler. and C# is more complcated but C# Can do more. Personally I have no need to carry out such complicated things so I use Javscript. I started learning by the programing guide on unity's wiki.

Tornado twins are best for Java

Burgzerg arcade for C#