How does a iOS prime31 Storekit plugin work?

I just imported the iOS prime31 Storekit plugin into my project and ran it on my device(iPad). After a lot of research after having a look into this youtube link and also StoreKit Guide I am unsure of what it does,because when I click “Get Product Data” button I got the following output in the log :

 invalid productIdentifier: sevenDays
 invalid productIdentifier: testProduct
 invalid productIdentifier: tt
 invalid productIdentifier: oneMonthSubsciber
 invalid productIdentifier: anotherProduct

What product ID should I provide? And how could I purchase products and make transactions using this plugin?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I was pretty new to the Storekit at that time and was trying to run the project with the same productIdentifiers provided by the prime31 plugin. However it is working great now since I added product Id’s in the itunes connect and gave the same Id’s in my code as well.

All thanks to prime31 :slight_smile: