How does GUI work in different resolutions?

Hello! I couldn’t find any documentations about this so I decided to ask it instead.
Now let’s start with the question!

So I have a small game with GUIText on the sides of he screen (in the Unity editor). But when I start the game in fullscreen with 1920x1080 resolution, the text is definetly not on the sides! All of my GUITexts are in the same position as they were when I set it up in the editor. That means that the text isn’t on the edge of the screen, but all of it is in upper left edge of the screen with the same size as the editor.

Here is an image describing it, that I would have uploaded to the question if it didn’t take too many MB’s to upload:[user]=138086222&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

I did suspect something like that happening and I understand why it’s happening, but I have no clue on how to fix it.

What I want to know is how to automaticly put the GUIText in the edges of the screen when you change your resolution.

Note: I downloaded an in-game resolution changer in the asset store.

PS: Please tell me if I described my current sitation badly (I am usually prettty bad at explaining things).

Simple. I’ll give you a rough method on how to do it, as I’m not going to look up syntaxes for it

Add a simple c# script to your guiText gameobject.

In the start function write something like this

void Start()
 guitext.transform.position.x = 0;
 guitext.transform.position.y = 0;
 //setting both x and y to 0 you'll get top left corner. Use Screen.width/height for different positions 

Now to adjust the size of the text. Select the size you want it to be in the editor (say 60px).
Find out the Screen.height * 0.XYZf which gives you 60 px, or something close to it.

So now you’d do something like this. I’m just assuming Screen.height * 0.1f is 60px

void Start()
//previous code
guiText.text.size (or fontsize, forgot the syntax) = Screen.height * 0.1f;

And there you go.
You could improve this to have it scale according to aspect ratio, but this should suffice for basics.