How does host / client work with cameras and player?

I have a player prefab which is tagged player and has a camera. I would like to have a 1v1 situation with a host / client.

I have been using the built in network stuff and can create and put the two players in the game. But when i create the two player objects they each have a camera and audio listener, and the console complains. Also, I now have two things which are tagged “Player” which confuses some of my UI.

So, how do i have the host and client on separate cameras, where there isnt two cameras in one or both of the players scene?

I tried to make an if statement with the NetworkView.isMine and only tag / activate camera if that’s true. I thought it would make it so that it only tags the player and activates thier camera in their own game, but I see on the Hierarchy the host sees both players tagged player and both have an active camera and audio listener.

Attach camera to prefab. Disable the camera then enable if the player is local player.
You can do something like;
GetComponentInChildren().enabled = true; //enable the camera