How does "Invoke" work in IL2CPP?

I’m wondering about how does MonoBehavior.Invoke(“SomeMethode”,someDelay) work under IL2CPP

What are the performance improvements, how does it call a method by name in C++.

The Invoke method on MonoBehaviour normally is used to invoke a managed method, I believe (see the documentation here: Unity - Scripting API: MonoBehaviour.Invoke). For the IL2CPP scripting backend, it does not behave differently. I don’t expect any performance improvement with IL2CPP in this case.

I don’t that that calling a C++ method by name is possible here, but I might be missing something.

Of course it does work. IL2CPP will use Data/Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat to index function information, for example argument format and c++ function address and then call the function as a normal c++ function.