How does my character do damage, take damage and wield a weapon?

So, I’ve started off with an appropriate character made. Besides color. @godgh, I think I have a similar issue like yours, but I need my character to wield a weapon, do damage, and take damage. I also need attack animation. My weapons are: Longsword Greatsword Rapier
So, my character also needs health and drowning, swimming animations, and more. This game will also need taming animals and fantasy creatures. The types of taming are: Rescue taming. If the creature is injured/stunned, you protect and feed it. Passive taming. You slowly give the animal the preferred food. If aggressive, throw the food next to the creature to feed it. I also want animal relationships and PvP. Anybody know the answers to these questions? Thank you and have a great game 'n day!

Heyo welcome to the forum,

sooo first off: Please try to post only one question per topic. I can see you have at least one other question which asks exactly a part of what you ask here again. If there is an answer, people will answer your question. No need for duplicates.

Then in general i can see a List of things that you need. Things that you want. There is no real question here. I don’t really get what you expect as an answer here, It sounds more like you want someone to code your game for you. On top of that those are not even easy features but instead a full fledged Multiplayer Pokemon Like game or something while sounding like someone who just starts their first project…

You are at a point where you have to start small. Start with remaking something like flappybird. Then Tetris. Then something a bit bigger. When you are done with that, re-evaluate your current idea. You will then have a lot more knowledge about what you can do and cannot do. If you really have no idea how to start with any of the topics you listed in your “question” then you will not be able to complete this. Not with all the tutorials and help out there.

If you really insist on starting with this what you listed in your “question” then follow this path:
Start step by step. First get a character to “be”. Make it stand, walk, run, jump, attack. Even this will take you a lot of time to complete. Perhaps there are asset store packages which can help you but take my warning: using asset store assets without knowing how they work can lead to a lot of problems in the long run.
Afterwards add some basic health to your character. Make it loose health when you run into a spike. Then try to add an enemy. Try to make it move. Try to give it “intelligence”.

Even with this you will probably be occupuied for weeks if not more if you want to do it properly. Try to follow this path. Do not concern yourself with water, drowning taming or anything else before. If you try to cover too many topics while you are still a beginner you will make more mistakes and learn less.

Best of luck…