How does one get support?

My company has purchased multiple Unity Pro licenses and have run into an issue with render textures, which is a Pro feature. I have posted in the forums, created a bug ticket, and emailed support. I have gotten nothing more than "We'll look into it, meanwhile, check out our forums."

My question is, how does a company get real support with a timely resolution with paid licenses of Unity Pro?

Unity Studios handles paid support and consulting for Unity. If it's an actual engine bug, then it would generally be fixed for the next update of Unity. Evidently you can get early access to pre-release builds in certain cases; I would assume this would be for show-stopping critical bugs that have no work-arounds.

Unity comes with technical and bug support. If you're having problems with the editor technically (i.e. getting it to run on your hardware), Unity HQ will help you with that (I hope). But buying a Pro license does not give you free game design/development advice or troubleshooting. Unity is a game engine, a development tool, and as such, you are expected to know how to use it. It would be like calling Microsoft because you need help with a C++ program you're writing.

So if you think this is a technical problem, please feel free to contact Unity in any way possible. Check the "Contact Us" page on their website, and keep your bug report ticket updated with as much information as possible.

If this is not a Unity Editor issue, though, and is more of a problem related to your game and its development, I don't think Unity HQ will help you. If you have a specific question, you can ask it here, and if someone can help you out they will. You can also, as you said, ask on the forums, though the forums are more for discussion-related questions than solid, definitive questions and answers.