How does one make in-game settings adjustments.

Just as the title says. How would i make a setting adjustment tab/page/scene where i can change from full screen to windowed, brightness, quality, etc… if anyone knows i dont need the whole code just the bits that are actually needed like brightness, windowed, etc… im puzzled. C# preferably if anyone can help :slight_smile:

There are different methods for different types of settings.

For screen size settings you can set the Resolution using the Screen class.

For brightness/gamma you have to use a postprocess image effect (one of the ways at least). There is one ColorCorrection script in the ImageEffects assets that come with the pro version of Unity that can work to adjust brightness. Or you can search around the asset store or the community for a GammeCorrection effect. This package has brightness / gamma effects. All image effects require Unity Pro though.

For Quality you use the class QualitySettings where you have access to all of the same settings as from the Quality settings window.