How does one properly export models from 3ds max with the correct rotation?

For some reason I can't seem to get the rotation right for my exported models from 3ds max 2011. Even if I rotate the model around in max and then export or save, it will still have the wrong orientatien in Unity. The model "faces down" all the time no matter how I export or save it, even when changing the Axis conversion from Y to Z.

So again the question:

How do you get your model from 3ds max 2011 to unity 2.6 with the right rotation?

I'm using LookAt so this problem really bugs me out :|

Export normally, and then in Unity, make sure you're on Global, not local, and it'll be right...

But I go to export>__.fbx>etc. Then drag and drop in Unity... Why don't you use Unity 3 anyways? It's free too!