How does one update the Bvh after modifying a model?

Something I noticed in my experiments with raytracing and HDRP is that if I modify a model with something like UModeler the raytracing would then be incorrect for a while.

It took me a while to realize why but my guess is the mesh used for the raytracing information isn't updated.

Is there a manual solution for this or do I need to bug the UModeler dev?

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Hi! I'm not familiar with UModeler. We do intercept changes to Meshes when for example the asset gets deleted or updated or when you change import settings and reimport it pressing Apply.
By default Renderers assume that their Meshes are considered as static geometry where the mesh content doesn't change. This is best for GPU performance because the BVH is static. If UModeler uses dynamic Mesh contents then you'll need to set Ray Tracing Mode to Dynamic Geometry in the Renderer inspector.


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