How does Paths Works on iTween

Hello guys, I’m starting with iTween and I want to do a Path Follow, to make that I need to create some empty Gameobjects and rename them ? Like (1,2,3,4,5)
And say to iTween to do the path ?

I saw a script but I dont undertood the Hash

 iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash("path", new Vector3[]{new Vector3(1,2,3), new Vector3(2,1,3), new Vector3(3,2,1)}, "time",5));


iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash("path",iTweenPath.GetPath("Path1"), "time",5));

I need some “light” to start to do.

Thanks Guys

The first code snippet is creating three Vector3s and storing them in a Vector3 array.
The second piece of code retrieves an iTweenPath named “Path1” and uses the points created for that path.
One of the useful features of iTween is the visual path editor that lets you easily create these paths - here’s an example: