How does Random.value work?

I’m trying to script it to where there is a chance that when a character’s chest collider (for example) is hit by a raycast, a specific animation might play. I think I’m doing it wrong, though. Using this as a test:

    				if(Random.value < 0.75f){
    					Debug.Log("Chest animation!");

I figured that line of script would say “if the random.value is greater than 75%, play animation” but it returns positive after every hit. Even if I lower the value down to 0.1. What am I misunderstanding here?

Random.value returns a new random number between 0.0 and 1.0 inclusive each time it is assigned. So your code will print Debug.Log() 75% of the time. Note if you are calling it over multiple frames, you would get a 75% chance per call. What puzzles me is this statement, “Even if I lower the value down to 0.1,” because that should give you a 10% chance each time this code is executed. You might want to put an else in so that you get output when it fails as well.