how does the instantiate min max range work

I’m trying to generate a bunch of obtainable objects in a cylinder that the player has to collect. I am trying to generate the cubes using instantiate after going through a trigger and blah blah blah…

How exactly does the min/max range on instantiate work. I need to know so that I can place them in the cylinder.

What do you mean by “min/max range on instantiate” ?

The only min max range I know are from the function Random.Range.

To place randomly your GameObjects inside the cylinder you simply need to set their transform which would look something like that (where cLeft, cRight etc. are your cylinder boundaries) :

myGameObject.transform.position = new Vector3(Random.Range(cLeft, cRight), Random.Range(cDown, cUp), Random.Range(cBack, cFront));

I guess that might do the trick.