How does Unity calculate bounciness on a physicsBody2D?

I’ve been having difficulties creating a very bouncy surface in a 2d top down game.

I think the built-in Unity physics Material 2D bouncyness property is perfect, but I want to affect it to increase the bounce as much or as little as I want – and I want to increase it way beyond the built in allowed number.

Is there a way to expose this calculation and tweak some parameters to make it more bouncy? Or if anyone know how they would calculate it and how I could get a similar effect but with more degree of control over it?

I’ve seen a number of bounciness answers on this forum, but when I tried them out I usually get bounciness working for a certain axis, but not the other…

One idea i’ve had, is to somehow increase the velocity of the object right after it bounced off a surface with applied unity physics material 2D bounciness 1. But I’m not sure of the correct way to do this or it will have the effect I want.

You can multiply the velocity upon impact:

var forceMultiply = 1.5;

function OnCollisionEnter2D (other : Collision2D) {
	other.gameObject.GetComponent(Rigidbody2D).velocity *= forceMultiply;