How Does Unity Track your Revenue?

Hi. I downloaded Unity about a month ago, and I downloaded using the free personal plan. The only requirement was that if I happen to make over 100K, I will be required to upgrade to the Plus Plan, then the pro plan if I make over 200K. However, I wonder how Unity tracks your revenue on your game. How does Unity know if you made over 100K? Thanks in advance.

if you are using their services they are the ones that will be paying you directly, like IAP or Unity ads. If not i doubt that they can really track without investigating your company, similar to “how do companys know i use their software in a personal non profesional way” but if you are earning 200k, why would anyone take the risk? and if you are earning that from games, it means its a “profesional” studio, so, who would want to have the splash unity logo in their games and lose the hability of using some exclusive pro tools?