How easy is Unity to use to create an android game if you know Java and some C#?

Hi Guys, I am looking at creating a 3D android game and I am eyeing up using unity as it looks like the engine with the most active support and visual potential for a new user but I was wondering, for someone with no experience in 3D app creating, how easy is unity to use and then end up with an app at the end of it?
Also what are the basic steps from start to completion of the app that I would have to go through in unity?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I came from a business software background, had no Java, C#, 3D or unity experience, so it was (and is) a steep learning curve. But, the support forums are great, I generally browse them just to look at others problems and see the answers. I started 3 months ago and am very near releasing my first game, hoepfully in the next week or two. However I did take an 8 week course in the local adult education center on Unity and C# which was really a great kick start. Some of the biggest issues I had at the start was just getting my head around the interface, setting up a basic scene and not knowing what I wanted to google!!, well knowing what I wanted to google but not how to express it for unity, e.g., transforms, Vector3 etc. But once you get started you can get moving fairly rapidly and as I said earlier the forums are great. Have fun, and hope to see you here again with a problem, lol.

Speaking as a former Java developer, very easy. You do have to purchase the Android extension ($400). Unity does an incredible amount of things for you, and almost anything unity cannot do by default can be purchased in the Asset store. A simple first person game could easily be made in a day.

In terms of development cycle, I like to get code (movement, weapons, AI, etc.) written, then import some models.

If youโ€™re considering unity, download it and try it.