How expensive is scaling in 2D unity? Is it better to pre-scale?

I’m sketching out my 3D looking 2D game so I can prepare myself code-wise and I have a question. As you can see in the image below, the group of orcs is made of only two re-scaled sprites

My question is, how expensive is scaling in terms of performance? Is it better to have a single sprite as big as the biggest sprite I’m gonna need and then scale it in code, or is it better to have one sprite for each of the sizes I’m gonna need? In case it’s relevant, I estimate I’m going to need something like 15-25 characters, with 3-7 animations each and each animation is going to have 2 versions, one for each angle.

Yes, better is when you scale your sprites for example in photoshop so big how you need in your application and then not scaling sprites in Unity, to save performance.