How get a Component By Reference

I have several instances of one prefab which have this PropertiesPrefab script attached:

public class PropertiesPrefab : MonoBehaviour {
	public float health;

In other script, i want to access to the health of the PropertiesPrefab script of the prefab:

public class AnotherClass : MonoBehaviour 
	PropertiesPrefab propsPrefab;
	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) 
		propsPrefab = other.GetComponent<PropertiesPrefab>();
	void OnTriggerStay (Collider other)
		// Wrong value because is not referenced to the component
		// Right value
		Debug.Log(other.GetComponent<PropertiesPrefab>(). health);

The problem is that the debug.log sentences shows different values if the health has been changed. So the question is:

¿How can I get a component by reference, so when the health is changed, it also changes in the propsPrefab variable?

Your question is confusing. You do store a reference to the “PropertiesPrefabClass” script that has last entered the trigger. Are you sure there is only one object that is inside the trigger? You may want to use a proper Debug.Log statement like this:

Debug.Log("Health(propsPrefab): " + + " Obj: " +, propsPrefab.gameObject);


Debug.Log("Health(other): " + other.GetComponent<PropertiesPrefabClass>(). health+ " Obj: " +, other.gameObject);

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