How get data from MySQL

Hello. How i can take data from MySQL and put that data in my “people” class.

I save data with WWW commands but unity dosen’t have any GetField function.

So how i can get data from there? My Class have ID what i use in class array. I mean people[id] and i save all data in MySQL table with id.

Here is my People class if that’s have any help. And my MySQL table is same. There is row for ID, Name, Age, PhoneNro, Email, JasenNro.

    public class People {
        public int ID;
        public string thisName;
        public int age;
        public string phoneNro;
        public string email;
        public string jasenNro;
        public People(int id, string name, string phone, string mail, string jasNro) {
            ID = id;
            thisName = name;
            age = 20;
            phoneNro = phone;
            email = mail;
            jasenNro = jasNro;

I’m making a game with sql to, so I learn a lot of things about unity → php → sql but I got a bad english so if you van explain in easy words what you want to do I would be able to help you.

By running the SQL SELECT command using the PHP function mysql_query, data can be retrieved from MySQL tables. To get data from MySQL, you have a few options. Use function mysql_fetch_array(), which is the most popular choice.

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